Harmony Garden

Page PicIn early 2013, City Councilor Henry Bousquet, Mass in Motion, the Department of Parks Recreation, and Beaches (PRB), the YWCA, and community members joined forces to revitalize a plot of land at the intersection of County St. and Weld St. The desire to create a space for the community to learn how to grow fresh healthy food led to the creation of Harmony Gardens (named by children at the YWCA.

In June 2013, the group got together and planted peppers, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, squash, and many fresh herbs. Several of the plants were donated by Kenny’s Farm (Fairhaven) and community organizations involved with the project.

Over the course of the summer, children from the YWCA visited the garden weekly to learn about the garden as well as provide maintenance and harvesting. Also, PRB made Harmony Gardens a “Play in the Park” site, which allowed neighborhood children to visit the garden for activities and a free snack/lunch Monday-Friday from 9am-2pm. With the collaboration of supportive community organizations and members, the garden was very successful.

At the culmination of the summer harvest, City Councilor Henry Bousquet,  Mass in Motion, PRB, and the YWCA held a cookout celebration for the community to enjoy. On September 14, friends of the garden, including special guest Mayor Mitchell, gathered to enjoy the end of the warm weather and a selection of vegetables grown fresh from the garden.


Harmony Gardens – 2013