The Summer Beverage Challenge 2013 Results!

SSBfeaturedimageThe results of our Summer Beverage Challenge 2013 have been tallied. In total, 178 New Bedford residents took part in the Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Challenge. The pledge asked participants to cut out sugary drinks, reduce sugary drinks, or increase water intake for the entire summer (June-August).

The majority of participants pledged to increase water intake (63%) and nearly a quarter of participants pledged to reduce sugar beverages (24%). Since many of our outreach efforts focused on children, the majority of participants were 2 – 12 years old (62%).  Many pledges came from the various Play in the Parks site, and two of New Bedford’s Schools, Hannigan Elementary and Keith Middle School.

The pledge also asked individuals to report their current intake of sugar-sweetened beverages including soda, sports drinks, and juices.  Over 51% of pledges reported drinking at least one serving of soda per day and 58% stated they drank over one serving various other sugary drinks daily. As for water, only 42% drank >3 servings of water per day.  Milk was also shown to be low in consumption with over 53% drinking <1 serving a day. For the full results of the Summer Beverage Challenge read our Data Summary here!