New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell leads Winslow Elementary School students during the annual Walk to School Day Event

The Betsey B. Winslow Elementary School students walked to school as part of the Massachusetts Walk and Bicycle to School Day on May 3, 2012. The walk kicked off shortly before 8 a.m., just after Mayor Jon Mitchell and his daughters showed up to join the crowd. The walk began at St. Luke’s Hospital and ended at the school on Allen Street in New Bedford. This is the third year New Bedford schools participated in the walk-to-school event, according to Dr. Pauline Hamel, coordinator of the Mass in Motion and Mass in Motion Kids projects.

Principals across the district received information on the event and were encouraged to promote it among their students and teachers. The annual event is one component of the state’s Safe Routes to School program, which promotes walking and biking as safe and fun ways of getting from place to place through collaboration with local communities and schools. (Originally posted by CityofNewBedfordMA,